We have experience of consultancy and advisory activities in industries ranging from Automotive; Electronic; Petro-chemical, Construction and Food Products - as well as service organisations such as Test Houses and Printing, Education and Local Government Services. We are able to offer advice on the most effective way of implementing the chosen quality system standard in any company.

Simplification of documentation is our aim - enabling companies to benefit from their trained, qualified staff without imposing unnecessarily rigid procedures.

"Where are we now" Assessment and systems “Health Checks”

For companies that already have a documented management system, we offer an introductory audit on their current system at a reduced cost.

An important benefit to the company is that for a nominal sum they receive a full audit and report on the condition of their quality management system enabling any future advisory, consultancy work or training to be aimed in the most needed directions. In addition this is a very cost-effective way for a company to prepare for an initial assessment from a certificating organisation.

Outsourcing and Advisory Work

Many companies are now wishing to implement management systems using their own resources. In addition, the cost of using a consultant over many months would be prohibitive and in many cases with the decline in available grants, more of a financial burden than the company could bear.

By offering our services as quality advisors, we are available for companies to use our experience and quality management skills to their best advantage.

Coupled where possible with training, we aim to equip company staff and management with the skills and knowledge necessary to not only gain registration but to be able to use their system to advantage in the future.

For many smaller organisations the role of quality manager is often one shared with another activity. Outsourcing the quality manager's role is becoming an attractive proposition for many smaller companies who are able then to call upon expertise on a regular basis yet concentrate on their main role within the company.

Continual, Company-wide Improvement

Many companies are also looking for improvements over and above those, which ISO 9000 can bring. For these companies we can provide assistance to co-ordinate and monitor quality improvement schemes including the use of specific tools and techniques as well as self-assessment and provide the catalyst for improved staff motivation and involvement.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental awareness is rapidly increasing to the point where there is as much pressure placed on companies to achieve control over resources and waste as there was to achieve quality standards. We can provide a project co-ordination and training role to assist companies implement an environmental management system and, where possible, integrate this into an existing quality management system.

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